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HERE is a starter list JUST for TEACHERS to help you be prepared for setting up your classroom!

We hope this helps you feel a little more organized for
If you would like a copy of the checklists pictured above - CLICK HERE!

# 1  Must HAVE for Back to School

I am looking forward to setting up my Ultimate Teacher Binder that I got from my friend Joey Udovich ~ Talk about amazing !!  This binder has it all - and it really took some pressure off me!  I feel like I have everything at my fingertips to stay organized for the upcoming school year!  Thank you Joey!  

You can check out her binder in her TPT store!
She even has videos posted on HOW to assemble and use the binder so you get the most out of it!

               # 2  Must HAVE for Back to School

Bins for your leveled books in  your classroom library.  The ones pictured here are from Really Good Stuff or you can check out your local Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, Big Lots or Wal-Mart for baskets that are much less expensive.   You can see my book baskets in this picture.

               # 3  Must HAVE for Back to School

I use these tall bins in my classroom for various things.. MAINLY they are perfect for  my  Reader's Workshop.  The students store their Independent reading books here and their Reader's Workshop binders.  Then when it is time for Readers Workshop I call the group by colors.  I coordinate their book bins with the color of their take home BOOK BAGS.  (# 4 must have on this list)

                # 4   Must HAVE for Back to School

I used these BOOK bags for my students this year to carry home their books for the week. 
They were required to keep a Reading log and every Monday they would turn it in. 
Grab your copy of the Reading log here.  The children gained fluency and improved their comprehension because they read the same 6 books over and over throughout the week.  Find out more about this LOG in a future post.  (follow us on bloglovin')


Click HERE to grab a copy of this Reading log FOR FREE !

                                     # 5   Must HAVE for Back to School

 This Lucy Calkins inspired product will be just what you need to decorate your Writing area when setting up your room this year.   Included in this product:

You can grab this Writing product in our TPT store
Don't forget the SALE everything is 28% off so put it on your wish list and check one more thing off your TO DO list! 

WE hope you all have a wonderful BACK TO SCHOOL experience.  Please leave us a comment and tell your very own MUST HAVE for the beginning of the year.  WE would love to hear from you!  

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