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Goal Setting in the Elementary classroom ~ Reading and Writing Workshop

My 2nd grade students have been setting goals this year and WOW ~ what an improvement already.
I really notice that they are looking back in their binders at the goals they have set and focusing on the skills they need to improve on.    I  have my little ones writing and actually remembering CAPITAL letters and punctuation!  They are going back and rereading their work... some are stretching out their small moment stories and adding more detail!  It's amazing to watch these little ones work so hard to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves.  I really love to see the progress! The organizers I made this summer were really easy to use and can be differentiated for different needs. 

Check out the Goal Setting product in our TPT store

Veteran's Day Power Point

Well it finally feels like FALL in Buffalo, NY!  This is the first weekend it has actually felt like fall is here.  I can't believe it's almost the end of October already myself.  Once we get through Halloween - then it's Veteran's Day and before you know it ~ Thanksgiving will be here!  Phew ~ I hate when time flies so fast I feel like I can't catch up!! 

I did just finish my NEW Veteran's Day Power Point which I think you might want to take a look at. 

It has 25 colorful slides to help you teach your kiddos about Veteran's Day.  We all know how important it is to remember our Veteran's  and all of the sacrifices they have made for us. 
As an added BONUS you will find 24 pages of ELA activities in this product. You can check out the preview in our store!  (click here)

Fire Prevention / Fire Safety Week is here

October 6th is the beginning of FIRE SAFETY week ~ I know my 2nd graders love when the firefighters come to visit and they get to go on the fire truck.  More importantly I feel better after this week because I know my little ones will be reminded how important it is to be SAFE and not play with matches.  I also know that they will be going home to remind their parents about checking the batteries in their smoke detectors.  I know too many families who have unfortunately had fires in their homes ~ and I know from talking to these families how devastating it is to have to start over after a fire.   I hope that  you will remember to help your students come up with a PLAN for their family in case their is a fire in their house.  The important thing is that everyone gets out safely.  

I created these FREE bookmarks to help kids remind their family about FIRE SAFETY.   Included is a PLEDGE they can take too.. I hope you like them !  I paste mine onto black construction paper and laminate them so they last longer. 

These bookmarks are part of my FIRE SAFETY unit that I just created - which includes various ELA activities that will reinforce all the SAFETY tips that we teach our students during FIRE safety week.  Here is a sample of the unit that you can purchase in our TPT store.  Mini booklets are included along with various organizers and cut and paste activities.  Check out the preview!