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Fire Prevention / Fire Safety Week is here

October 6th is the beginning of FIRE SAFETY week ~ I know my 2nd graders love when the firefighters come to visit and they get to go on the fire truck.  More importantly I feel better after this week because I know my little ones will be reminded how important it is to be SAFE and not play with matches.  I also know that they will be going home to remind their parents about checking the batteries in their smoke detectors.  I know too many families who have unfortunately had fires in their homes ~ and I know from talking to these families how devastating it is to have to start over after a fire.   I hope that  you will remember to help your students come up with a PLAN for their family in case their is a fire in their house.  The important thing is that everyone gets out safely.  

I created these FREE bookmarks to help kids remind their family about FIRE SAFETY.   Included is a PLEDGE they can take too.. I hope you like them !  I paste mine onto black construction paper and laminate them so they last longer. 

These bookmarks are part of my FIRE SAFETY unit that I just created - which includes various ELA activities that will reinforce all the SAFETY tips that we teach our students during FIRE safety week.  Here is a sample of the unit that you can purchase in our TPT store.  Mini booklets are included along with various organizers and cut and paste activities.  Check out the preview!


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