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Bright Idea for Behavior Management

 I am teaming up with some fabulous bloggy friends to bring you a Bright Idea for October!

So my Bright Idea for October is an idea that may help you if you use the Behavior Management system that uses "fuzzies".  My sister Kelly used this at her house with her own kids ~ so that is where I first saw this idea to use pom-poms or "fuzzies" to encourage good behavior.  Then I found a
great blog post by Mel D from Suesstastic Blog.  She has been using this system in her classroom for years.

I decided that I wanted to try this in my classroom this year.  The problem was WHERE to organize the fuzzies, prizes, reward coupons and cute containers.  SO as I was walking around Hobby Lobby one day I saw these cute

favor boxes and got my idea. 
 Now Mel D has this system down perfectly  and I love all of her ideas.. but as we all know, we adapt other people's ideas to meet our own needs and space in our classroom.  SO this is what I came up with.  Every Monday I put 10 fuzzies in everyone's container - so they all start the week off with a fresh start so to speak.  The kids can earn fuzzies
throughout the day in any classroom. 
They can earn fuzzies for:
*good behavior 
*following directions
*being a good friend
*showing that they are working hard
*being a good listener
 and the list goes on.... :)
 They can also earn fuzzies in SPECIALS - so the music, art and phys. ed. teachers are super happy now! :) 
Kids can also lose fuzzies..and we all know what our little friends can do to lose a fuzzy ~ I don't think I need to list that here.. :) 
On Friday - we have Trading Day.  The kids look forward to it all week.  They can either trade in their fuzzies OR they can save their fuzzies from week to week to earn the BIG reward! 
I set my system up using these cute tin buckets I found at Target.   I labeled them in chalk with the numbers 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 to represent the number of fuzzies it takes to choose from that bucket. 
I forgot to take a picture of MINE, but this is these are the buckets.
I keep the coupons I made in these containers and when Trading day comes - we spend about 15 minutes - trading in  fuzzies.  They can only turn in fuzzies in increments of 10.. so they may have some left over to start off the next week.  I have one student who is at 50 now and was so excited to choose from the "50" BUCKET.  He saved his fuzzies and very was patient  ~  so he was able to choose from the Mystery Prize Box  :)
(more to come on that later)
SO getting back to the fuzzies.. WE needed somewhere during the day to add / take out fuzzies  - without it being a I came up with this..
Kids use these to add their fuzzies during the day and at the end of the day - part of their job is to empty their bright container into their plastic BAGGIE that they keep in their desk.  They are responsible to keep that baggie safe until Trading Day.  :)
The fuzzy container is a clear container that latches - so my little friends are not tempted to dip into it when they are near this table. 
This pic is of my Writing Area that is still a work in progress.
The buckets are kept on top of the bookshelf so only I can reach them. 
I will be posting more about using fuzzies in my classroom.  The kids are excited and work hard to earn their fuzzies!  Parents have even shared with me that they are going to try to incorporate this system at home!  It's a Win-Win for everyone!  Thanks again to Mel D for her inspiration!
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  1. Great system for rewarding good behavior. I love that it can be adapted for classroom and for chores at home. Thanks for sharing.