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Martin Luther King Jr. FREEBIE

Martin Luther King Jr.  ~ Timeline Freebie
The life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is an important part of history.  WE all have the responsibility to teach our students about this amazing leader.    Often I hear teachers talk about how they can't fit in Social Studies as much as they would like - due to curriculum overload and simply not enough time in the day.  I am sure we all work very hard to try to squeeze it in ~ but at times we fall short of the mark when it comes to doing a man like Martin justice.  I hate hearing teachers say they touched on it for a day.  I spend the entire week immersing my students in the life of MLK Jr.  I find those teachable moments and run with it ~ this unit offers so much to learn  - not just the history - but life lessons that all children will benefit from. 
   In my 21 years in the classroom, I have found that integrating Social Studies and Science are the only way to fit it in.. so I have developed numerous integrated units to complement the units I need to teach.
Here is a preview of our unit that was just UPDATED this week ~ I love the clipart from Melonheadz and Creative Clips - it makes the unit so much better!!

To help you get started we want to share this FREEBIE with  you !
This is part of the larger unit shown above.   
Here is a peek at it - click here to download.

Let's take the time and teach our students about this amazing leader!   He deserves the recognition!
Honor Dr. King this year and every year!


  1. Thank you for the MLK freebie! I love that it's in a timeline format which will be something different for my kiddos. I found the freebie on TPT and pinned it too. Thanks!
    First Grade Found Me

    1. Hi Chrissy - So glad you liked the MLK Freebie! Thanks for stopping by Kennedy's Korner. We appreciate you leaving a comment and pinning it for us. :)