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A New Year = A New You!  

The New Year is a time of reflection ~ it's a time to think about what you can change in your life and improve in the new year.  Often we make resolutions or set goals for the New Year that we don't keep longer than a few weeks.   As I took time to think about 2015, I realized that I am not as organized as I think I am and it effects all areas of my life.   So one goal for me this year is to be more organized at home and at school.  Now with Pinterest we all know that there are plenty of tools and tips for helping someone to organize every aspect of their life.  That in and of itself can take time and cause stress!  I am hoping to stick with it this year and really get all of my ducks in a row.  I have two fabulous planners that I purchased last year that I had every intention to use.  However, it didn't go as planned.  SO I am committing to it this year.  
Here are the planners I have if you want to check them out! BOTH are really detailed and well thought out.  Highly recommend them.  

Another GOAL I have for 2016 is to continue on my Fitness Journey. 
Last year I lost 16 lbs. and was able to keep it off... all because I stopped dieting.  I was introduced to Beachbody last January and I started on Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix program. 

IT HAS CHANGED my life.  I feel so much better and have more energy too!  I feel stronger, look leaner and my overall health has improved.  My hypothyroid symptoms have pretty much disappeared and my medication dose had to be lowered.  IT is amazing what eating clean, working out and drinking Shakeology has done for me.  I knew I needed a change and this was the change I needed.  To help keep me on track, I also became a Beachbody Coach.  I love being held accountable BUT more importantly I love helping my friends and family to reach their  fitness goals.   
It definitely is a Win-Win - 
I get paid to workout
I set my own hours 
I am my own boss 
I work from home
I have made new friends
and I have helped over 100 people to start on 
their own fitness journey! 

SO my NEW GOAL is to complete the Hammer and Chisel program and lose 10lbs. I want to have more muscle definition too.  I am starting on Jan. 10th - so wish me luck.  

Follow my page for recipes, workout tips, and motivation to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle. REAL WORLD FIT 

 I have a busy year ahead of me, but  
I love creating units that help other teachers. 
I am committing to refocusing on our TPT store. 

I remember back when I started teaching over 22 years ago, we use to have to create our own activities to go along with the old text books.  We were given nothing but the textbook. So teachers would buy from Teacher stores or make their own activity sheets.   Teachers now have so many resources to choose from.  
My sister and I are setting NEw goals for 
Kennedy's Korner in 2016.  
We will continue to work hard to please our customers and we hope that you enjoy our products.  We hope you visit our store soon and find some products that will help make your life a breeze!  


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!! 
We woud love to hear what your GOALS are for the New Year.  Leave a comment below.  
Work hard ~ Dream Big ~ Love Life! 

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