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Election Excitement

Election season is here!  If you turn on the TV or read the newspaper, then you know it is an Election year!  Some people are VERY excited about the upcoming election, and some people are not. 
Well I have always said that you don't discuss politics with friends or colleagues, so I am taking that same stance here... We are not here to discuss politics or who we think will 
make the best choice for the President of the United States.   

We are here to SHARE with you our excitement about the Election!! 
Our students should be getting excited about the upcoming election too. 
It is so important to use this election year to teach your students WHY it is important to vote! 
There are so many people in the history of the United States that have fought for our right to vote, and young people today need to be taught that history.  

As educators, we are responsible for teaching our little learners about this historic election. 
The FIRST woman in the history of America who is running for President... and a candidate that is not your typical politician.  Depending on what grade level you teach will determine how you teach your students about Election 2016. 

We have put together one of our BEST 
Power Points to help you do just that. 

We also have included in this zipped file - 100 activity pages to go along with this resource.
These activities are differentiated so you can choose the level appropriate for your class.  There are booklets, coloring pages, activity sheets, writing prompts, stationary and so much more!

I love starting my units by assessing how much my kiddos already know.  It amazes me how much some children know about certain topics compared to other students.  So even though this seems so simple, it is so important to know just exactly WHERE your students are.  
Once you get a feel for where your class is and what they know about the Election process, then you can dive right into using the various anchor & vocabulary cards  
to help you kick things off. 

Get them EXCITED and you will have so much fun teaching this unit! 

We are having a SALE this weekend - Oct. 1st and 2nd.. SO 
if you want to check out our store - EVERYTHING is 20% off!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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