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Teachers Gone Wild ~ Las Vegas!

Teachers Gone Wild in Las Vegas! 

At least that's what our T-shirts said...but the reality is -
this past week, over 800 TPT sellers were all working hard ~ learning, networking, shopping and eating! 
Okay - some of us had a little too much fun.. but I have to say I was one of the people who was too tired to party like a
Rock Star this trip to Vegas! 
I am so happy I decided to go ~ even  though my sister Kelly couldn't go ~ I met some really nice teachers ~ ones that I have been following and
admiring for years. 
Some Highlights from the Conference
This conference was absolutely the BEST conference I have ever attended... with 20 years in education ~ and numerous conferences under my belt.. that is quite an accomplishment for TPT!
Seriously - I have never felt so validated as an educator... I have never felt so inspired to work harder.. and I have never felt like such a huge impact on children is being made..... until I met all of the people involved in our TPT community! 
TPT has reached children all around the world and as a community - we are making an enormous difference.  I MET so many amazing teachers - who are now sellers on TPT - sharing their creativity, knowledge and quality teaching ideas! 
The best was that all of these amazing teachers were so willing to share their expertise and collaborate.. not for their own benefit, but in order to help teachers improve the quality of instruction while also improving the products they create ~ As Nikki from Melonheadz said in her session on
Rock Your Own ClipArt.
She said that "we should all treat people like friends, and that is what they will become." and more importantly ~
 "GIVE BACK! You get what you give!"
Her session was not only about how to create your own clipart, but about her giving back. She even gave us cute goodie bags at the end! Thank you Nikki!

I learned so much from each session I attended..

Rachel Lynette shared her tips on Marketing that were AMAZING!  I didn't get a picture with Rachel, but you should check out her blog - Minds In Bloom.

My sister and I  already started implementing her awesome tips!  Her blog posts are so valuable and I am sure you will love her TPT products too!   

 TPT Sellers

 I was fortunate enough to have met the following TOP TPT Sellers!

Let me tell ya - I almost started saying Ya'all because these women are so dang cute!!  Be sure to check out their store - you will be amazed at the creativity.

Mrs. Jump's Class

The meet up was sponsored by What The Teacher Wants - Rachelle Smith
SDE and TPT.  Rachelle  was so energetic and fun!  I didn't have the pleasure of
meeting her but I have been a fan of her for years. 
Rachelle Smith is one of the authors who writes for :
 Some people pictured here are not Chalkies ~ but were in the pic.. :)

I would suggest following these ladies on bloglovin'
NOT only are they a great group of ladies... but they are also very entertaining and creative!
You will LOVE reading their blog!
AND NOW.......
The Man Behind it all ~ Paul Edelman - Founder of TPT! 
You could tell from his Keynote speech and the fact that he hugged about 700 teachers 
in a few day period.. that this man cares.  He cares about kids
AND he cares about teachers.  
He is the man changing the lives of so many people around the world and it
was an honor to meet him!
 IF you can't tell by my post that this conference was the BEST... the bonus was that it was held in Las Vegas ~ where there was so many things to do..  IF you weren't able to attend this year.. start planning for next summer because the 2015 TPT Conference is already being planned for the same week as the SDE conference  - in .... YES... Las Vegas again! 

Thank you to all of the people from TPT who put together such an outstanding conference!  Amy Borrell Berner and your team - fabulous job!  
WE can't wait for next year ~  You might want to reserve a much larger room.. I have a feeling...  :)  


.......making a difference in the lives of not only our students ~ but teachers around the world! 

We recently hit 500 followers in our TPT store !!  WE will be holding a 500 Follower GIVEAWAY soon ~ so be sure to follow us on bloglovin'!   JOIN the fun for a chance to win some great products and prizes !  Stay tuned!  


  1. It was great meeting you Karen. Can't wait to meet up again next year . . . but not on such an early shuttle! :)
    A Differentiated Kindergarten

    1. So nice meeting you too Marsha! Yes.. that shuttle was early!! Maybe I will see you at the Meet up in NYC in October?? Have a great start to the school year!

  2. It really was great to meet you!! I felt honored that you knew who I was and had used some of my items in your classroom!! I am grateful for all the wonderful ladies I met and felt so comfortable with everyone!! I am definitely inspired and ready for a new year!!

    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

    1. Hi Corinna ~ Yes I Love your store.. One of the things on my bucket list is to make it to Hawaii. I love palm trees and the ocean ~ so I love being in my classroom because it makes me think of being in Key West or Hawaii. I was so glad to find your store when I moved grade levels this year! I am new to blogging though - so although I referenced your store - I will need to go back and make the link active now.. :) Thanks for being so sweet and I LOVED the flower in your hair everyday ~ :) Hope we see each other again soon - but let's keep in touch!! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. :)

    2. Corinna.. I linked your store now in my post about BACK to School.. Thanks !!!! I got this now.. Ha.. I am learning.. lol :)