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Are you teaching the 7 Habits in your school?

We are so excited to post our brand new Mini booklets that can be used to teach or review the 7 Habits in your classroom.  My school just started teaching the Habits last year, it is a process to implement but  I really love it!   IF you haven't heard about the 7 Habits ~ I highly recommend you read these books first! 
I have been truly amazed at what little leaders my students have become.  I have to say that the 7 Habits will change the way you teach AND more importantly, the way that children learn. 
If you have visited our TPT store than you may already have seen our Introduction to the 7 Habits that we created. 

  These are two of our BIGGEST sellers ~ and we have received some great feedback too!  They are both Power Points that you can use to either introduce or dig deeper into the 7 Habits way of life. 

Recently I was thinking that MINI BOOKLETS might be a great idea to help my Gr. 2 students! 

Well I just completed them and you can find them in our store ~ by just clicking HERE.  I think your students will really enjoy the GOAL setting section.  I can't wait to use them in my classroom this week.    I know parents will like the HOME connection piece by using the calendars that are included. 
Thanks for taking the time to visit Kennedy's Korner.  We would love to hear from you ~ if you have any ideas, something to share or comments.  :)   


  1. My school doesn't do the 7 habits so it was really interesting to hear about what you guys are doing with it- it sounds great! (and your blog is super cute!) :-)


  2. Hi Diana,
    Thank you for stopping by our blog! Our blog is fairly new - but my sister and I are really enjoying it and connecting with new friends who also blog. Yes the 7 Habits program is amazing! Another school in my district - Winchester Elementary in West Seneca, NY.. has been doing this program for many years now. Their school has changed for the better in so many ways! Our entire district now is using this program and the children are really embracing their role as leader, not only in the classrooms but in our community as well.
    Thanks again for visiting us! Our new giveaway will begin soon - so stop back!