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Five for Friday Link Up with Doodlebugs Teaching


1.  STREP THROAT ~  This week was eventful to say the least!  My parents who also double as my babysitters left for Florida.  My 3 year old was supposed to begin Daycare for the first time ever and my other 2 children were headed to the before and after school program at their elementary school.  All of these plans were halted on Monday afternoon when the three of them started complaining of a sore throat.  Soon after that my 3 dollies developed a fever and the back up plan had to be instituted.  My husband had to take the day off on Tuesday and I had to call in sick on Wednesday.  My 3 little ones are being treated with antibiotics for strep throat and hopefully are on the mend.  Let's just say that I did not see that coming.  Who would have thought that on my very first day without my parents all of this would develop.  I am very fortunate that I have my parents babysit for my kiddos 8 out of the 10 month school year.  I miss them so much when they are in Florida for those 2 months!
                                                   Our Parents ~ SO blessed to have them!

2.  WINTER OLYMPICS ~ Fortunately I was very productive before the strep virus invaded my house on Monday, I hope you enjoy the new FREEBIES that my sister and I created.  Check out our new Winter Olympic Close Read Activity.  It is a great 3 day ELA activity that is completely aligned to the Common Core Standards.  Your students will compare and contrast the 2014 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics in this fun and engaging activity. Then they will design a medal for the 2018 Winter Olympics.  This activity will be sure to get them interested in and excited about the Olympics!  If you want to do an extended unit on the Olympics, we have also posted an Olympic Unit for $3 in our Kennedy's Korner TPT store.
                                                             FREEBIE  Winter Olympics

3.  FREEBIE ~ Chinese New Year will begin on January 31st this year.  It is the year of the horse.  We just posted a FREE Chinese New Year Close Read as well.  This Close Read is similar in format to our Olympic Close Read but it does not have the kids compare and contrast.  Students will use the information from the article to match the Chinese word to the meaning of that word.  They will take notes about the important aspects of the Chinese New Year and write an essay to describe these aspects.  Kids will also have the opportunity to design a Chinese Lantern.  They will really enjoy learning about how New Year is celebrated in China!  We also have a Power Point unit with tons of activities to help your students learn more about China in our store.

                                                        FREEBIE Chinese New Year Close Read     

4.  WINTER STORM WARNING ~  This winter in Buffalo, NY has been the worst one that I can recall.  It is starting to get a little disheartening. Usually I can plow right through but this year the snow storms seem to be occurring at the exact same time I have to be someplace important.  The last storm came when I had a wedding to attend for my cousin  in NYC.  I made it but barely.  It was a nail biter for sure trying to land at JFK in that storm.  This weekend I am supposed to be driving to Syracuse for my annual college roommate reunion.  There are 8 of us that get together once a year to reminisce about our good old college days!  The weather forecasters are already saying no unnecessary travel on Saturday morning. I really don't want to miss this great weekend with my friends.  Maybe I can talk my husband into letting me leave on Friday night.  Two nights with the kids for him may be a little much but I need this girls night:)  I am hoping the meteorologist is wrong... but here are some pictures below you might enjoy!  The Church near us actually put this up a few weeks ago and it made National News. :)

                                                      Some pictures of our life here in Buffalo, NY    

5.  JOB SHARING  ~  I just wanted to share a little known practice that my school district supports and I think is great for all teacher moms out there.  My district allows me to teach in a job share situation.  I share my 1st grade classroom with another teacher and work part time.  I receive half of my salary and no health care benefits but I am able to stay at home with my kids more than I ever thought possible.  I teach every Monday, every Tuesday and every other Wednesday.  My partner teaches the alternate Wednesday, every Thursday and every Friday.  We have 8 classrooms like this in my district.  I have been job sharing for 8 years.  It is an amazing opportunity for new moms!  A teacher in our district proposed this type of shared teaching situation after she had triplets 10 years ago.  The district agreed to it and have allowed more and more teachers to take advantage of this job share situation ever since.  If you would like more information about the job share or are thinking about starting it in your district please feel free to email me at JOB SHARE.
I am more than happy to help!                                 
                                                                     My girls

Hope you enjoy our first Five for Friday link up!  
Thanks to Doodlebugs Teaching!

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  1. I've never heard of job sharing a teaching position like that. Sounds perfect though! Hope your storm stays away. I'm in Houston and we are home today because of a little bit of ice.

    Literacy Spark