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Saturday Sweets ~ Linky Party!

So it's Saturday and it's time to link up with some great teachers across the country to share some great ideas!  I have been teaching now for 20 years and I just LOVE reading everyone's' blog posts and getting NEW ideas for my 2nd grade classroom.  After teaching Gr. 3 for 19 years... I need new ideas for my new grade level!  :)  SO the linky parties have been a fantastic way to do this ~ Thanks to everyone who participates!    Here we go ~

I have to say that I have been using Scholastic NEWS for many years now - but if you haven't been - YOU should check it out because Scholastic has done such a fabulous job updating what they offer!  I LOVE the articles and everything that include in the subscription.  This really helps to teach non-fiction text to my little learners.   Next week we will be reading the issue on Penguin spy cams - pretty cool I think the kids are going to love it! 
Get your second graders excited to read while meeting Common Core Standards 

Take a look at all the exceptional learning resources in Scholastic News:

  • Exciting weekly nonfiction covers seasonal topics that connect directly to your science and social studies curriculums. 
  • A Common Core Tool Kit with every issue helps you teach one "spotlight" Common Core skill with a comprehensive lesson plan, challenging skills pages, and fun online activity. 
  • High-quality nonfiction grows in complexity as the year progresses and your students become more proficient readers.
  • Scholastic News Online expands and enhances the magazine with digital editions, show-stopping videos, and rigorous skills games. 
  • Support materials include 3 BIG Issues at the beginning of the year, seasonal Easy Easel posters, and in-depth Teacher's Guides.
Launching our Informative Writing unit ~ I will model how to research and write a non-fiction piece about Penguins. 
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.2.2 Write informative/explanatory texts in which they introduce a topic, use facts and definitions to develop points, and provide a concluding statement or section.
I am using our TPT unit on Penguins to help but I am also creating MORE for my little learners to use while they write - I am almost finished - so I hope you stop back next week to grab some of it for FREE !  

I am getting observed this week ~ so I created a different template to use for my lesson plan.  Here is a sample.. If you like it you can find it in our store.  I will be posting it sometime this weekend.  :)   The Thoughtful Teacher Rubric is included.  That is what my district uses for our APPR.  :) 
My 2nd graders just started their unit on Subtraction.  We use the Pearson program in our district.  I really like the videos that the company includes in the units. 
 We have also been working daily on our Winter Word Problems. I am sure you all agree that our students can't practice answering word problems enough!  :)
These are FREE in our TPT store ~ stop by today and pick up your set..
 WE also have February Math Word problems posted for FREE!
Thanks for visiting our blog !   We hope that you are all staying warm ~ we are bracing for another snow storm!  I will be dreaming of February break!  I need to start packing now!


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