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Linky Party ~ Saturday Sweets ~ with A Classroom Full of Smiles

We are new to linky parties... so here it is.. I hope I do it correctly.. :)
This week was our first FULL week back after the Polar Vortex that gave us 3 snow days tacked onto our already generous HOLIDAY recess.  I am not complaining - I was fortunate enough to have been out of town for the BLIZZARD of 2014. 
In my 2nd grade class this week the kids were really enjoying reading the Bailey School kids book
Snow Monsters DO Drink Hot Chocolate
They were busy partner reading and working together to fill in their Reading packets - focusing on
Questions - Before, During and After they read each chapter. 
They love making predictions and drawing their MENTAL IMAGES too.  On Thursday we worked on Character Traits.. Most of the kids chose EDDIE as the character they wanted to write about. 
Here is an example of what we did together ~ when I was modeling it on the Promethean.. The kids had to re-read the chapter to find evidence.  They worked in partners and were able to come up with some great answers! 
Students in my class love this website ~ and I love it because they are practicing their BASIC math facts.  I can see how they are doing by looking at the reports generated so I have data on my kids progress.  I like that I can also see who is working on their facts at home too!  We just started a NEW math FACTS challenge too.  They love the competition!
                                                                    Xtra Math
                                                                    click here
We are learning about Martin Luther King Jr. in our Gr. 2 class.  The kids are really interested in his life.  We watched the movie and read a few books about MLK Jr.  The kids worked on activities to help them understand what Dr. King did for our country.  The movie is FREE online.. it's called :

We also went on Brain Pop Jr. for the FREE video they have about Martin Luther King, Jr. Click on the word MARTIN to go to the website to watch.  MARTIN

I created a Power Point with Common Core activities to go along with it.. you can find it in my TPT store and it's on SALE this until Tuesday!  The NEW Mini booklets were a big hit with my class.
There are two different versions - depending on what grade you teach!

Looking forward to linking up again for Saturday Sweets.. even though I am posting this on Sunday.

Be sure to ENTER our giveaway - it ends on Monday at midnight ~ we hope you had  a great weekend.. ENJOY your day off on Monday and let's all take time to think about the amazing leader Martin Luther King, Jr. was and what he did for our country!

Thanks for visiting Kennedy's Korner ~





  1. Hi Karen and Kelly. Thank you SOOO much for linking up. You did it perfectly. What great lessons you did this week. I love it when kiddos are excited to write about what they are reading. I so want a Promethean board. Not one person at our school has one :(. Thanks for the great links to Dr. martin Luther King Jr. I didn't know BrainPop had a free video. My kiddos love that website. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks again for linking up!

    A Classroom Full of Smiles

    1. HI Mary -
      Thank you for your kind words.. I am so glad that I linked correctly!! We are just starting to blog more and learn how to link with other parties.. I have to admit.. my sister Kelly is much better at it than me.. HA.. :) I will be looking forward to linking up again soon! I love being able to share and reading all of the other ideas from the blogs that link up to your party.. :)
      Thanks for the opportunity!